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11th March 2012


Just some thoughts

Hey brotha’s, haven’t been on in awhile so i just thought i would give some input. I’ve been doing a lot thinking lately cause many of the hard rock, metal, etc. bands i listen to. At first when those bands came out onto the scene a lot of the music was very dark, ominious, and even santainic. Though, now if you listen to new songs from some of those bands, their newer music is completely opposite of what it used to be. Lyrically, at least. ( Metal, is metal and musicly it has to have that darker tone to it, or else it just wouldn’t be metal loll ) Here some bands you may know for example…..Disturbed, Slipknot, Korn, and many more. All starting off with a kinda Evil, santainic tone , many of there songs even had santainic lyrics and was even often Blasphemous, and thats just tracks in forward form. ( God forbid, what theese tracks said in backward form cause it was probably even worse ).Though, in there recent music it’s completely to be opposite. One of distrubed’s recent albums ” Asylum ” they spoke out against the Illuminati on many tracks. So did Slipknot on the ” All Hope is Gone ” album. And Korn Actaully made a song recently called ” Illuminati” completely calling them out, and speaking against them. And not just in metal but other genres of music too. If you take Hip Hop, a perfect artist in that genre for example Eminiem who had admitted to selling his soul in some songs, and placing out some Blasphemous rhymes in others. Though if you take his cd ” Recovery ” there our many tracks were he speaks out against the Illuminati. Also, isn’t strange how all theese artist seem to be more famous a little while back, than they are now. Seems like some of them are completely out of the spotlight today, though for the better because they probably figured out what they have gotten themselves into, and wanted nothing to do with it any longer. Idk, but it deffitally gets u thinking!

-Ry Dogg-

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16th December 2011

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Anonymous v.s. illuminati →

Watch this I always thought anonymous was horrible but watch this video it changes my view on everything.

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16th December 2011

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america is so “free”, huh?

 This bill is the first step to the New World Order. Glad anonymous know about all this.

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