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3rd April 2012

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It’s coming

In the UK the government is trying to gain the ability to be able to see who you talk to, what you talk about, what you post, what websites you visit among other things. This is one of the first steps closer to the New World Order. Since the base and Illuminati heads reside in the UK that is where these laws will be passed first. The UK has areas where Illuminati high archy live and command however the U.S is the most powerful nation the Illuminati control.

Be ready people first it will be this little invasion of privacy to “protect us from terrorism” and before you know it we have no freedom of speech, no right to bare arms, no right to assemble; nothing.

Everyone be careful and watch for these first steps for the government to take a step into your personal lives soon and then soon after that more and more intill finally martial law and the New World Order.

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