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1st December 2012

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Ron Paul’s entire speech in Congress as his final speech. About 10 minutes in is when it gets very good. He begins to name off all these facts about the government and how ridiculousness it is they are all true. Enjoy this video and it just proves even more so how corrupt the government is and how close we are to a New World Order.

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30th November 2012

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The truth about Colorado shooter James Holmes.

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30th November 2012

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I do not trust the main stream media for news anymore, however, I trust this man. Alex Jones. His website has all the information that main stream media doesn’t want you to hear. He has a radio show ever day mon-fri at 11 a.m - 2 p.m (CST) and on Sunday 4 p.m - 6 p.m (CST). Please if you need information or news listen and read the unfiltered news on

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14th November 2012

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A video about how Hollywood (the industries and the stars) have been corrupted by the Illuminati.

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7th November 2012

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Watch from 2:51 to 6:21 this is what martial law will be like in the U.S.A. It is a scary thing to watch, but it is true. This game is homefront if you are interested in it. While watching this video picture the Korean soldiers as American ones and Kim Jong Un as Obama and or the Antichrist. It is scary that this all can be a reality very soon. People will be thrown around on the street and separated. If you refuse to listen you will be killed or beaten severely. The bus is transporting people who know of the plan and want to stop it to death camps to be exterminated. It is scary how true this is to the world we live in today.  

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7th November 2012

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Another video, showing that possibly Jesus was trying to warn us and give us the name of the Antichrist. Very interesting facts.

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7th November 2012

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With the recent election results I truly believe that President Obama is the Antichrist and that the end of days is fast approaching. This video shows the qualities that it says in the bible and other religious passages that the Antichrist has. These qualities match up to Obama. I will be uploading more on this topic soon. The man has deceived all of America and is still loved and worshiped as the “messiah of America”. The Antichrist is said to be the great deceiver so these facts are something to think about while you watch this video. 

If you are asking yourself if Obama is the Antichrist when will the true end of days and judgment day occur? Well soon. I believe the next piece of this New World Order puzzle is for Obama to keep giving to the poor and taxing the middle class, thus starting a civil war between the two. By doing this he will need to put martial law in effect and send in troops to maintain order in the country. In doing so he will become the head figure and sole leader of the U.S.A and finally expose himself to everyone as the Antichrist.

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26th September 2012

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Wow really?

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9th August 2012

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I wanted to find another video about the link between Lil Wayne’s My Homies Still video and the Colorado shooting since the last one I reblogged was terminated. So here it is.

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28th July 2012


awesumsos said: What do you think about this? It looks like a blimp but why is there no light on it and my is it flying so close to the fireworks? On YouTube /watch?v=TDpdBCYQIsM

To me the UFO looks a little fake, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was real knowing the Illuminati and their crazy rituals. 

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